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Artists in School

Barefoot holds a database of local artists who have experience of working in education settings. Professional artists bring not only their creative skills into your school or group, they also bring inspirational ideas, years of experience and often a whole new way of looking at the world. Children and young people gain massively from working with a professional artist and many people think the best arts CPD for teachers, TAs, early years and youth workers is assisting an artist as they work with their group. For more information about Barefoot registered artists please visit the artist profile pages.

Looking After an Artist in School

Artists aren't tender little flowers, but they do need a bit of consideration. If you want to get the best from your artist's visit make sure
they have a decent place to work.
Corridors are not a good idea and neither are shared spaces. Make your artist feel at home and make sure other staff members know they are coming. A welcome and a cup of tea always go down well and an introduction to your colleagues means everyone knows what's going on.
It's always tempting to give the whole school the artist experience but sometimes that can be counter productive. If you book your artist through Barefoot we will advise on numbers appropriate to the activity and always check with the artist to make sure everyone's happy with the schedule. We also draw up contracts so client and artist are shielded from nasty surprises. Finally, remember that artists need to eat, so if you are paying please make sure their invoice is dealt with promptly and doesn't get lost in the system.
Oh and one golden rule. For everyone's protection an artist should never be left alone to manage a group. They are not employed to deal with discipline, toilet trips or sick children and just think of all those amazing skills and tips you'll be missing out on if you're not in the room.