ARROW World Congress 2010


In June/July 2010 ARROW hosted the Global ARROW Congress, ‘Playing with Conflict,’ drawing together artists, educators, young people and others from across the world to host an ambitious international event that included a week long programme of training, networking, sharing and celebrating for young people and a Symposium of leading academics and practitioners.

Over the course of the week young participants from across the UK in Plymouth, Burnley, Derry, Durham, Leeds and elsewhere hosted and worked with young people from existing ARROW groups in Kosovo, Palestine, Sierra Leone, South Africa and emerging groups in India, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Bosnia, Serbia, Nigeria, Portugal, Brazil, New Orleans and a team of artists in diverse art forms.  There were a wide range of workshop activities, training opportunities, sharing of performances, speakers, discussion groups and social activities, culminating in a shared celebration/ performance event at the end of the week that was an integral part of the Big Carnival Parade.

ARROW (Art: a Resource for Reconciliation Over the World) is committed to developing the arts as a resource for peace building.  To find out more about ARROW please contact David Oddie at UCP Marjon, e: