Whitleigh Art of the Community 2011

Participating Schools

Sir John Hunt Community College

Brook Green Centre for Learning

Whitleigh Primary

Woodlands School

Tuesday 19th July 2011 - Woodview Learning Community        

The final Art of the Community event was brand new and hosted by Woodview Learning Campus in Whitleigh and involved children from Whitleigh Community Primary School, Sir John Hunt Community College, Woodlands School and Brook Green School. Located on what will eventually be the site of Woodland’s sensory garden, plenty of marquee cover made the all-day event proof against occasional showers and workshops continued unabated through the day.

With many of the children working in mixed groups, activities included: willow dragonfly-making with Andy Copson, abstract totem pole-creating with Andy Blackwell, forest art and snail threading (plastic strip on fencing) with Forest Teachers, Zumba, drumming and bee mobile-making with Woodview teachers, stick people and spider web making with Forest-trained parents and African drumming with Jean Emdon. In all, every child had the chance to participate in four workshops, many of them assisted by young mentors from Sir John Hunt Community College. With everyone clutching things they had made and created, the groups had a break for lunch in the middle, although many used that as an opportunity for an impromptu Zumba rehearsal just outside Woodlands School.

The afternoon workshops gave everyone the opportunity to experience two more hand-on opportunities to make and create and, when these finally ended, the participants were joined by a massive influx of parents and virtually every pupil from Whitley Community Primary School.

With the huge crowd, including the Director of the Woodview Campus, filling the spacious Woodland’s School playground, the most interactive finale possible soon burst into life, with a massive Zumba session led by expert dance leader Christian Ellerton. With children, staff, parents, relatives and artists gyrating together, the mass dance provided a brilliant ending to Whitleigh Art of the Community and the Big Arts Festival as a whole.


Andy Copson

Andy Blackwell
(Abstract Totem Pole)

Jean Emdon

Katie Wedgewood &
Christian Ellerton