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Big Frame

Barefoot has helped to facilitate a ground breaking new project for young people at risk of offending.  The Youth Offending Prevention Team based at The Barn in Barne Barton wanted to develop a creative project involving identity, self image and – very specifically – some big picture frames!

Lead artist Emma Spring and photographer Nigel Sweet ran an initial workshop at half term creating self portraits and Victorian-style silhouettes and the work will continue to develop over the coming months. Outcomes could include city centre poster sites and an outdoor gallery in Barne Park with the young people’s work displayed in – you’ve guessed it – big picture frames.

Project date:
February 2010 - July 2010
Project partners: Youth Offending Prevention Team
Emma Spring
Nigel Sweet
Simon Cauty
Young people from the Barne Barton community
Age of participants: 11-19
No of participants: