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Thrussell and Thrussell

Thrussell and Thrussell are father and son artist metalsmiths, Gary and Thomas Thrussell.
Gary and Thomas work in mild steel, copper and stainless steel using forging welding and sheet metal working processes. 


Thrussella and Thrussell produce public art and their own collections of organic sculptures, working from their studios in the heart of Bodmin Moor.  They also work with schools and local communities, running workshops that help to make metalwork accessible to all. School workshops introduce children and young people to metalwork design, basic copper beating and other metalwork techniques.


Thrussell and Thrussell's public sculptures are influenced by local heritage, culture and natural history.  Influence also comes from the Art Nouveau period in the design of their sculptures. Their working process starts off with the study of the subject followed by pattern making and model making in 3D.


Work by Thrussell and Thrussell can be found in Brentwood, Braintree, Bodmin, Basingstoke, Colchester, Camborne, Coventry, Halstead, Hounslow, Plymouth, Maldon, St Austell, Saltash, Launceston amongst others. They are found in public spaces from Natural History Museums to the Eden Project cycle trail.


 Recent projects                                                                                                                                                                            

Penrice Community College, 2010: Sculpture in the form of a Celtic cross for the grounds of the college. Working with the students to create copper plaques to be inset in to the sculpture.

Devonport Heritage Trail, work in progress 2010: Plaques depicting images of local history of Devonport town, plaque resembling coins to creating a treasure trail.

Coronation Park Bandstand, Launceston Cornwall: Community art project to create six decorative artwork panels depicting local history and culture. Cornwall County Council.

2010 Arts for Health, Milton Keynes (MK Underground): Working in two primary schools and the city Hospital. Working with young and old to produce copper plaques. Project theme looking at the history of the city from the Bronze Age right through till the Victorians. Using archaeological finds as inspiration. Workshops were over three days in three different locations.

Above (from left to right):

Riverside Reeds and Panel, 2005
Art of the Community 2010: Copper plaques made by St Edward's Primary School, Plymouth
Penrice College celtic cross, 2010
Dragonfly, Hounslow Heath, London, 2009
Basingstoke Large Insects, 2009 
Coronation Park Bandstand Launceston, 2010