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James Lake

James Lake is a sculptor who uses the medium of cardboard to create 3D sculptural pieces, props and puppets. 'I have chosen to work with cardboard as my preferred material because I wanted to make sculpture accessible and blur the boundaries between high art and low art.' James believes in 'art for all; art beyond race, gender, age, ability and disability.' James workshops are highly inclusive and accessible.
James believes everyone has the potential to have a strong creative voice using art as a process that breaks down barriers, which allows people to learn from each other, develop new relationships, understandings and bonds.
 Recent projects                                                                                                                        
Pomphlett Primary School Art Week - Feb 2011: sculpture creation on the theme of Asian landmarks as part of Pomphlett Primary School's Asian Arts Week
Gifted and Talented Project: working with gifted and talented students at Estover Community College to create three cardboard figurative pieces.
Big Arts Festival 2010: creating sculptural costume pieces for the Big Carnival Parade.